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Nature is a very important to anyone in Montana, and every town does its best to preserve the natural wonders of their state whenever possibly. Even one of the largest cities in the state, Missoula, still keeps an eye on the natural world, being called The Garden City. Missoula apartment-ites get to enjoy the gorgeous weather and spectacular scenery almost all year round, and the city always has something special in store for apartment-ites, no matter where their tastes may lie. Whether they're looking to take in some art, a walk in the park, or even if they're feeling a bit adventurous, Missoula apartment-ites will never be left bored.

Of course, one of the main draws of Missoula, or the Garden City, is all the natural spots to be found around town. The Rattlesnake Wilderness and the Rattlesnake National Recreational Area are two spots that Missoula apartment-ites who are in love with nature would be crazy to pass up, and there's an Adventure Cycling Association for those wanting to try their bikes along for the ride. There's more than just nature to be seen in this town, however, with plenty of cultural hot spots to take in, including a splendid art museum, an award-winning Children's Theater, and even a yearly film festival.

Missoula, as with most of Montana is known for its beautiful scenery, but the town also has plenty more to offer its apartment-ites. Missoula apartment-ites can take in a show, take a walk in the park, or even check out some art, all without ever leaving town, and always enjoying the gorgeous vistas that living in Montana afford them.

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Missoula MT 59808

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $900 to $1375

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Missoula MT 59808

studio to 2 bedroom apartments $731 to $1115

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Missoula MT 59801

studio to 2 bedroom apartments $750 to $1130

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